Small Steps, Healthy Habits for Life – Part 1
Small Steps, Healthy Habits for Life – Part 1
| July 17 2016

Your first two focus points… water & sleep! Seems pretty obvious right? Well most people don’t get enough of either.

1. Water should be your primary source of hydration.

While consuming 8 glasses per day is the general recommendation, if you find this hard to monitor or stick to, try making this part of your daily routine – drink a glass of water when you wake up (before breakfast – adding lemon & ice is great), before morning tea, before lunch, before afternoon tea, before dinner, before, during & after exercise, and any other time you feel the need… make sure there’s a toilet nearby.

2. Sleep is vital for the body to function effectively, recover and restore.

Lack of sleep can actually hinder your efforts to lose weight, and to gain muscle mass. We set bedtime routines for our kids, but do you have one that you adhere to?… Give it a go, remembering that most adults require 7 – 9 hours sleep each night.

I’d say good luck, but planning, not luck, will help you to succeed.

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