You already know what to do, just do it!
You already know what to do, just do it!
| May 10 2016

I’d been working at the computer for several hours and while I had wanted to get some exercise in, I still had heaps of work to do and felt a bit tired and unmotivated. Sound familiar?

Just speaking to myself (obviously going a little bit crazy too) I said, “Should I keep working, or stop and do a quick workout?” My husband heard and answered, “I think you already know the answer don’t you?” … Bam! It hit me… of course I knew.

After squeezing in a 30-min Tabata session I felt re-energised, focused and, well, happier. It’s so easy to blow off exercise when you’re busy, but next time you’re considering it, just ask yourself… do I already know the answer?

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