Who’s holding you back?
Who’s holding you back?
| August 17 2016

Have you ever really wanted something but never quite got there? I’m not talking about world domination or winning the lottery. I’m referring to a goal that’s challenging but achievable, that takes dedication, focus and hard work – things like losing weight, changing career, or learning a language. Maybe you’ve even taken steps towards achieving it, but as soon as it’s within your reach someone or something holds you back? In many such cases, the person holding you back is YOU!

Most people have self-sabotaged their chances of success at some point in time. The question is whether you continue to hold yourself back from the things that are important to you. In relation to your goal/s, do you often say or think:

• It’s too hard!
• I can’t do that!
• I don’t deserve it!
• I’m not good enough!
• I don’t have time!
• What if I fail?
• What will everyone think of me?
• Why does this always happen to me?
• I’ll never be as good as…
• I’ll do it another time… when I’m stronger, fitter, smarter, older, I’ve lost weight… you name the excuse!

If so, you may well be the saboteur.
The good news is that you have the ability to change your behaviour and turn those negative thought processes around. If you want to find out more about identifying & managing self-sabotaging behaviour and develop positive, supportive ones, you may find this article helpful.

Now go kick some goals!

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  1. This stinks because working out at or close to your lactate threshold is a great way to build fitness; if yours is low you won’t last very long, and thus you’ll reap fewer benefits from a gym session.

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