Because it's more fun with a Group

Group Fitness is a fun and social way to exercise. It’s also a great way to stay motivated and committed to your training. While improving strength, fitness and mobility, you have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and become part of the View to Fitness Community – a community that shares training experiences and recipes, organises both social and fitness events outside of your sessions and provides a support network for life’s everyday challenges. Be the best version of you…


Imagine the fitter & healthier you. Take this opportunity to Redefine Yourself.

Training Styles

UNLOCK YOUR ENERGY with Group Circuit.

Maximise your strength and energy with this interactive 45-minute whole body workout. Group Circuit incorporates resistance and cardio training through fun and functional activities. Work and play through this energising session as you push, pull, sweat and laugh for a stronger and fitter you. Bring your BODY TO LIFE with Group Circuit.

HIT NEW HEIGHTS with Group Boxing.

Burn calories, improve total-body strength and relieve stress with this explosive 45-minute session. Group Boxing incorporates, full body, fight inspired moves to enhance fitness, coordination, power and agility. Feel the adrenalin as you punch, kick, weave and sweat through this fun, motivating workout! GET HOOKED with Group Boxing.

MAKE A MOVE with Group Tabata

Get fit fast with 30-minutes of heart pounding high intensity interval training. Improve your fitness, agility, strength and endurance with athletic movements utilising the entire body. The motivating group atmosphere encourages you to run, jump, step and crunch your way to your personal best. HIT THE GROUND RUNNING with Group Tabata.

POWER UP with Group Force

Build muscular strength and stamina with this hard core, 30-minute, high intensity strength training session. Group Force incorporates functional resistance training with active recovery periods for maximum results. Push your boundaries as you lift, press, jump and hold your bodyweight like never before. FEEL EMPOWERED with Group Force.

What our clients say

  • I participate in both group Circuit and group Centergy and I love them both. Group Circuit is a fun class that focusses on both cardio and strength training. I always leave feeling strong, fit and that bit closer to achieving my goals. Group Centergy gives me strength and a feeling of calmness whilst also feeling energised to keep going with my busy lifestyle. I have also had the opportunity to have some personal training sessions with Belinda and my results were amazing in a short period of time. Belinda is a fabulous trainer who is so passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. I highly recommend View To Fitness to everyone. I say just give it a go and see what you think.

    Gabi's Success Story
  • Through her determination and commitment to training over the past 6 months Chris looks and feels stronger, fitter and leaner. Having followed a nutrition plan for last 3 of those 6 months, Chris has lost 7cm from her waist… in just 12 weeks! Check out her amazing before and after photos.

    Chris' success story
  • Started with Belinda Nelson approx 3 mths ago… And she has changed my life…!! Such a supportive trainer, awesome group fitness sessions and fantastic personal training…!! Thank u view to fitness for finally making me see the light …!!!

    helen's success story


Take this opportunity to Redefine Yourself.